LINKS TO SIMILAR SITES AROUND THE COUNTRY—A consortium of independent sites reviewing live performances around the country promises painless linkage and free surfing. Interested?


Surf both coasts and some in between to catch recent reports on live performances of serious music and other topics. Our consortium partners include:

  • Classical Voice, North Carolina, covering music and theater, not just in the “Research Triangle”—Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill—but also in other parts of the state. Known to its friends as
  • Southern Ohio musical events covered by Mary Ellyn Hutton of Cincinnati. A site known to its friends as
  • The concert scene around the state of New Jersey is covered thoroughly by the Classical New Jersey Society. Among other things, it reviews all the New Jersey Symphony concerts.
  • San Francisco Classical Voice is a site furnishing current reviews in serious, non-commercial music from the greater San Francisco area, and occasionally other sites, along with editorial commentary by Robert Commanday.

Our site is about to embark on its eighth season of Bay Area live-concert reviews, with an emphasis on modern creativity. We average over 100 reviews per year on this web ‘zine which I edit, for which I am one of a half-dozen regular writers. Unlike some other web ‘zines, we are timely; we put our reviews on line the next day, without waiting till the following week. In addition to serious music, we also feature dance, theater, and books, all with a Northern Californian perspective, with critic/collaborators in various specialties.

But we are more than local. The site is also linked up to several other independent and free music sites around the country, just a click away, thanks to our new consortium of arts-review sites, among them Classical Voice of North Carolina, Mary Ellyn Hutton’s, and (imminently) ex-MCANA President Robert Commanday’s San Francisco Classical Voice. In addition, we get regular references on out of the Pacific Northwest via our poetry postings there.

Eventually we hope to have a network spanning North America’s arts capitals. Today, Berkeley! Tomorrow, (maybe) the world!