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About Us


Classical Music, Theater, Dance

The life of a ‘zine is about a minute
—San Francisco Chronicle headline.

But clearly, they weren’t talking about the arts-review ‘zine artsSF.com!

Welcome to the launch of the NINETEENTH good-luck season underway at www.artsSF.com, the independent, non-commercial observer-critic of the arts, your best source in the San Francisco Bay Area for reviews.

With weekly reviews on WHAT’S NEW on the arts scene: Modern music (non-commercial), premieres, theater reviews, dance, rarities, and, perhaps, new-book reviews involving Northern California authors or themes. On occasion, even a review or two from far-off lands. Also some reports from the major symphonic, chamber and operatic concerts, all emphasizing new or modern creativity.

Read the reviews first on artssf.com. Reports are compiled by veteran Bay Area critics Paul Hertelendy, D. Rane Danubian, Carol Benet, V.I. Hambleton, J. Charles, Georgia Rowe, Alix Schwartz, Karl Toepfer et al in a vast (?) staff of good (very good!) collaborators. Then there’s our secret-weapon time machine: roving critic Steven Emanuel, who scouts theater, thespians, books and other themes in varied bailiwicks, anticipating hits that may land in Northern California before long.

The 18th season had featured 85 reviews in toto from the above contributors, bringing the grand total to date to more than 1900 reviews, almost all from the greater S.F. Bay Area. This area remains a bellwether in new works and modern approaches, as stimulating as ever, fed by an audience thirsty for the fresh, novel and profound. Most reviews appear 24 hours after a performance.